Its Exam Season For Me! Here Is Why I Am Excited.

The good and bad part about studying through CIMA is that I choose when I want to write my exams. This is probably why I have taken so long to write them. Looking back to when I first changed over to CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) from pursuing my BCom through UNISA (University of South Africa), I felt motivated and bought all of my books online. I couldn’t wait to get started. Since then, now over 2 years ago I have only written and passed 2 exams, I failed a third twice. In the past, failure has often put me in a haze of disappointment and I have often not bothered to try for many months afterward. My husband persuaded me to try a different exam and that has been a game changer for me. I was always someone who enjoyed studying and having so much experience in finance, I hardly struggled with studying when there was some form of structure in my routine and especially when I was enjoying my job. 

A lot of things started going downhill in my career when I left my second job. I changed jobs because I felt as though it was time to move on. I was wrong. Looking back, a lot of things would be so much more different had I stayed instead of looking for something else. Anyway, back to my current exam schedule. On the first level of CIMA, the CIMA Certificate In Business Accounting there are four exams. I had previous written one a year ago and recently passed the second one (Economics). I have the Ethics exam coming up later this week and the final exam (Management Accounting) planned for the middle of October. So What changed? Well, a lot actually. When I booked my exam, I was extremely nervous. The last thing I wanted was yet another failure. I know that a pass or fail in an exam should be no indication of one’s ability but when it comes to getting your degree, no one has ever gotten a degree with failures instead of passes. 

My exam was booked for a Monday morning and while I spent the entire weekend studying and revising everything that was needed, I still woke up a few hours before I was meant to write in order to go over everything one last time. I tried to remain as calm as I could and when I got to the exam centre and sat in front of the computer as the exam began. I cannot explain the calm I felt during my exam. I had accepted the fact that if I failed, I would have to work harder next time and focus more on the aspects where I had failed. The exciting thing is that this was the best mark I had ever received in an exam since high school and I was extremely excited to try out some different study techniques for my next exam. 

The good news is that I passed and this has been a tremendous boost for my confidence (something that I really needed when it came to my studying). I seem to have a renewed energy when it comes to studying and don’t seem to mind giving up watching a tv show or reading a book in order to bring my A-game to my exams. I have a good reason why I want to complete my qualification as soon as possible. I have goals, and in order to reach those goals, I have to do well in these exams and in order to do well in the exams, I would have to study hard. Studying now is a small price to pay for the amazing job I will be able to find with my education level which will end up leading to opportunities and my ideal job.

While this is a stressful time for me, exams and getting organised for our move back to SA, I know that all I need to do is plan my time correctly and I will be able to get everything done and with that knowledge, a lot of my stress seems to disappear and I am always grateful to have the luxury of having so much time to accomplish everything that needs to be done. I only wish that I had done all of this sooner.

Are you studying or relocating soon? I would love to hear about your experience and I plan to blog my entire relocating experience and compare it to our move to Europe! I am so excited for this new journey!

-The Uninspired Blogger

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