10 Habits I Plan To Have In My 30s

For those of you who have only discovered my blog now, I recently turned 30 and I am so excited for all of the adventures my thirties will bring me! While the adventures that await are exciting, there are plenty of good habits I hope to implement in the upcoming months, habits that I probably should have implemented in my twenties but rather late than never. 

  1. Regular Exercise. Whenever things go wrong or I have a few days that are a bit busier than the rest, the first habit that doesn’t seem to stick is an exercise routine. I am constantly reminded about the benefits of exercise on physical as well as mental health and while I am not in the best shape at the moment, exercise is one of the habits I am most eager to implement. 
  2. Healthy Eating Habits. It is true that nutrition makes up 80% – 90% of weight loss, and I have always wanted to be someone who is able to choose a salad over cake or chocolate. I know that I have an insane sugar addiction and I am often unable to stop eating foods with large amounts of sugar in them. My plan isn’t to cut sugar out completely, but to limit the amount to just my morning coffee.
  3. Drink More Water. In summer, it is a lot easier to drink more water, simply because it’s hotter. I tend to struggle with drinking water in winter because it is colder and I often opt for tea or coffee instead. This is one of the habits I plan to implement immediately because I can feel the difference when I drink enough water and when I don’t.
  4. Meditation. I have heard the stories about how meditation has changed many people’s lives and their perception of life and yet this is one of the habits that I have found the most difficult to implement in my own life. I have tried it before and the habit has not stuck yet, but I would like to try again and find the right type of meditation that would work for me.
  5. Reduce The Amount Of Social Media. Social media is an addiction that creeps into our lives before we know it. I have spent numerous hours a day just looking through photos and videos of other people living their lives all while mine passed me by. I think back on all of the time I could have been focusing on something productive but instead watched YouTube videos about drama between makeup artists and The Office compilations. I could have written numerous blog posts or spent that time cleaning up my home, cooking good food, and even studying.
  6. Wake Up Early. Yes, I love staying in bed until 9am almost every morning. I will admit that waking up early has a special power to it though. There are many times that I have woken up around 6am to get things done and because there is no one up, it is a lot easier to focus and be productive before everyone is up. I know that when I start working again, I will have to wake up early so I plan to implement this one a little closer to that time. 
  7. Read Everyday. Ideas in equal ideas out and how I usually get my ideas about anything is through reading interesting articles and books. My plan is to make it a habit to read everyday, even if it is just one page.
  8. Have Routines. In the words of Eric Thomas, your routine will show you your gaps. While I do have a relatively good evening routine (there is always room for improvement), most of my days don’t have time allocated for each task which makes it easier to move a task to a different day. This is how I have lost track of everything that I need to accomplish during the day and end up rushing through activities in the afternoon. I want to start managing my time better by blocking out certain times of the day for activities that have to be done instead of working from a to-do list.
  9. Having a budget and sticking to it. One of the things I didn’t have in my twenties was financial intelligence. Yes, I was working in the finance field but when it came to my own finances, I made numerous mistakes and ended up in debt on numerous occasions. I never had someone before showing me the power of budgeting and what can be accomplished when you save up and buy something cash instead of credit. 
  10. Decluttering Throughout The Day. I have this bad habit of leaving everything in a mess and then not clearing up immediately after or soon after I am done with something that I have used. As a result, I often have to spend a large amount of time cleaning up a lot of clutter and this tends to not only be time consuming but usually requires a lot of energy that I could be spending on something I enjoy doing. I have slowly started implementing this habit whenever I cook, it is a lot easier to put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher as I am going along instead of piling them in the sink and then having to spend time packing the dishwasher. 

What are habits that you want to implement in your daily life? I would love to hear about them, maybe there are some of your recommendations that I would like to try and add into my daily routine!

-The Uninspired Blogger

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