Laying Groundwork: Making The Last 3 Months Of 2019 Count!

We all had plans to make 2019 the best year ever. I know I did. This was the year I was going to get into the best shape of my life, launch my blog, finally be halfway with my degree, and I was going to wake up everyday excited for the day ahead. What happened was the complete opposite. While there were fun moments in the first 9 months of 2019, I didn’t experience the joy of checking off my goals that I made at the beginning of the year. I have accepted that there is nothing that I can do to change the past, I will be changing that and turning my life around in the last 3 months of this year, the last 3 months of this decade. I have already made some changes to my life, I recently started intermittent fasting (which is radically changing the way I look at food and the choices I make when it comes to food), I started being more active around the house, and I developed a system that helps me get to everything I need to in a day, and over the week without causing me to feel overwhelmed. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely feel overwhelmed at times, and there are probably better ways to deal with it, but I find going outside for a bit tends to put everything into perspective for me.

So back to my plans for the rest of the year. I have already lost a bit of weight (like a tiny bit compared to what I plan to lose) and unlike before, where I would ‘treat’ myself for a meal which would turn into an entire week of ‘treats’, I have enjoyed feeling healthier and how eating better has made me feel. I haven’t had any moments of lightheadedness, which used to be a pretty frequent occurrence for me when I had a high sugar diet. This week, I plan to implement weight training so that I can tone all the flab and gradually achieve the physique that I am aiming for. I have accepted that when I look into the mirror, for a while I won’t be able to see the changes from the hard work I am putting in. I used to get frustrated when I would start exercising and leading a healthier lifestyle and see no changes after one week, and proclaim that nothing is working. It’s probably one of the reasons why I got to this weight in the first place. It is also important to know that feeding your body the right nutrients is a form of self care that you can do everyday and constantly reap the rewards from having boundless energy. 

Another change I plan on making is a full revamp of my blog. I know what you are thinking, I just launched and haven’t even posted that much. When I started this blog, all I knew was that I wanted to have a blog so that I could talk to people, it doesn’t matter to me who you are, what you do for a living, if you are unemployed, broke, rich… All that I care about is that something in my blog resonates with you, and you decide to come on a journey with me and share your experiences with me. I wanted to create a dialogue and to help people based on my own experiences and how I dealt with it. I want to share my wins, my fails, my funny moments, and my moments of utter despair. The good, and the bad. The more time I spend working on my blog and myself, the clearer the vision of my blog becomes. While I don’t have any exact dates or an exact plan of how I am going to execute on my vision, what I can tell you is that I plan to share every step of the way with you. 

My main focus for the rest of the year will have to be my qualification. I am always formulating and trying out different strategies in order to make the most of the time I spend studying and plan to do an entire series on planning executing a study strategy, what study techniques have worked for me, what hasn’t worked for me, and anything else I may recommend (I love stationery and have been trying out some cool products and planning tools and I plan to do some reviews on that as well in the future). 

I plan to start 2020 with the habits I need in order to be successful no matter what changes happen to my routine. Over the next 3 months, I plan to implement one habit into my schedule that have been neglected before. I will be doing one habit a month and tracking my progress throughout the month. My inspiration for this came from a few videos I came across on YouTube. Those videos where the title is something along the lines of: ‘I meditated for 30 days and here’s what happened’. Over the weekend, I ended up making a list of habits that I would like to implement (to use in a 30 day challenge) and I added in some extra fun ideas into the mix which I look forward to sharing in the next few months. 

I know that to some people, these might not be things you are interested in to make the last  months of 2019 the best months of the year, and that is okay. I have the most exciting time of my life coming up in October, I am turning 30, a milestone for me. And while I am not where I hoped I would be, I am still alive. If you have goals for 2020, why not start working on them now? The great thing about life is that every second is a new beginning. Go out there and make your dreams a reality!

I look forward to sharing my progress changes with you soon..

Do you have goals you plan to accomplish in the next 3 months? Tell me about them! I look forward to hearing about them in the comments!

Keep Smiling!

-The Uninspired Blogger

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