My Favourite Personal Development Podcasts

I often feel overwhelmed with the amount of information of any topic are available to learn. I am constantly looking for ways to increase my knowledge on specific topics, namely psychology and nutrition. While I am currently studying towards a Management Accounting qualification, I aim to spend at least an hour a day learning about something that is interesting even if it is outside the scope of my degree or interests. My only problem, especially in the week before writing an exam (like this week) I struggle to find space in my day to learn something new or to refresh my memory about something I researched or read a while ago. 

I know a plethora of people who would recommend Audible to me and my answer to Audible unfortunately is no. When it comes to books, I do prefer to read either a physical copy of the book or on my e-reader. There is no greater joy to me then cuddling up with a good cup of coffee and a book that I am unable to put down on a cold winter’s day. With that said, I have not tried audible since I developed my love of Podcasts. The best part about podcasts, especially the ones I have chosen to add to my list of favourites, is that each episode is complete. I do not need to wait until the next episode for the story to be completed. All the information about the particular subject is compact in one episode, and this is something that I struggle with when compared to Audible. 

  1. Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu

I found Tom on Youtube at the beginning of 2018 through one of the other big motivational video channels and I have learnt so much from this channel alone. Tom has interviewed entrepreneurs, neuroscientists, authors, spiritual leaders, and many more and his channel is split into more than one focus, with Relationship Theory (where his co-host is his wife, Lisa Bilyeu), and Health Theory where he explores different diets, and other health related issues such as sleep. Tom has also recently launched Impact University. My favourite episode is one of the more recent ones where Tom interviewed Vanessa van Edwards, the author of ‘Captivate’ and founder of the Science of People. If you struggle with boundaries then this is one interview that you have to watch (, and in a close second is his interview with Moran Cerf, a neuroscientist whose interview was so interesting, I had to listen to it more than once. (

  1. On Purpose with Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty is a former monk whose mission is to make wisdom go viral. I discovered Jay through a video on Facebook. I started following him on Instagram and did most of the free masterclasses he had on offer. His podcast was launched on Valentines Day 2019 where he interviewed his wife, Radhi. Since then, he has interviewed Russell Brand, Novak Djokovic, Lilly Singh, and many more with new episodes every Monday and Friday. My favourite episodes are Jay’s interview with ‘Shazam!’ star Zachary Levi ( and of course his interview with his wife Radhi (

  1. Kwik Brain with Jim Kwik  

A childhood brain injury left Jim Kwik learning-challenged but that did not stop him finding strategies to overcome his mental challenges and starting Kwik Learning ( which has become a world leader in brain performance, memory improvement, and speed reading. His podcast consists of bite-size clips that guide you through the processes needed in order to improve all aspects of memory, fighting mental fatigue, and foods to eat and avoid in order to get the best out of your brain. With so many interesting episodes, I couldn’t pick a favourite and even though I still have a lot more to go through. I do recommend you check it out no matter how old you are. (

  1. TED Talks Daily 

What I like about this podcast stream is the variety of topics you can find talks on. Topics range from social issues, environmental issues, relationship issues, and many more. You get insights from leaders in respective fields about research and/or findings. This channel is not to be confused with TEDx talks which focus more on a local community where TED talks which address issues facing the global community. (

  1. The GaryVee Audio Experience

I have to admit that when I first came across GaryVee, I found it hard to get the point he was trying to convey. As I have progressed in my personal development journey, I have found him to be one of the best people to listen to. While I find that you have to listen to quite a bit of his episodes, he gives out a lot of meaningful advice for any situation. He has a no bullshit view of life, is kind, and has an energy that is hard to miss. He is constantly putting out amazing content and is never scared to share the limelight with anyone. He has done some very insightful interviews and constantly does Instagram lives while travelling and in the office. There are so many gems that I have personally got from listening to and following him on social media that it is hard to pick a particular episode from his podcast. Do yourself a favour and venture into his channel with no expectations and listen to the wisdom. A word of warning to those who are sensitive when it comes to swearing, the great part is that Gary also has a channel where there is no swearing as well. (

My favourite platform to stream is Spotify. I am able to download episodes that I can listen to offline when I am travelling to places that have internet access that is not always available, or to listen to on the plane. When I am home, I do use YouTube as well. The above podcasts are available on both platforms as well as on Apple Podcasts.

What are your favourite podcasts? Which podcasts would be on your list?

Let me know in the comments below!

Keep smiling!

-The Uninspired Blogger

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