Welcome to my Blog!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I have always loved reading and writing and I decided that I would love to be part of a community that shares struggles, tips, and just a general view of life, to show that we are all made of the same stuff and just want to be seen in our true form.

I decided on a blog because I feel I am able to express myself best this way, I just want to be seen for who I am, with all my struggles, and in all my glory. I am not perfect by any means, but I want to live in a world where everyone around me is working on themselves, not to appear better but to actually be better people. Change starts from within and the only way we can truly begin to change is by acknowledging that we not only have the power to change, but realising that there is always room for improvement in the choices we make.

I turn 30 this year, a big milestone. I know that there are many people who never get to my age, and while I do not know how long I have left on this earth, I want to say that I have lived and not been stuck at home as though I am in a cage because I value the opinions and judgments from everyone else over my own. This blog is my journey through my healing process, all my ups and downs, all my joys and sadness, my accountability partner.

I look forward to hearing your stories and hope you enjoy all of mine as much as I enjoy sharing it.

-The Uninspired Blogger